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Kite flying games

kitefights.com is the Best kite flying and kite fighting game you will found online. Game lies in "flying games" category and in this game you can choose different types of kites ,threads and accessories to fly kite in real time. You have full control over your kite while flying and fighting. Game has 'Practice' and 'Multiplayer' Mode. Choose your mode and start playing the game. Beat your friends, get higher score and win rewards.

Join the game now and show your skills. Its a Free game.

Kites in game
kites in game
What people says about this kite flying game
"A fantastic game, never thought i could see kite flying online"
"online Desi kite fighting , is itself a unique idea, love it"
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Online Kite flying and Kite fighting game .

Its a Multiplayer Game